Poly Blok Pools

The concept of using polystyrene blocks filled with reinforcing metal and concrete was first introduced in the building industry in Germany over twenty years ago and is now widely used in commercial construction. It has regularly featured on 'Grand Designs' and has been introduced to the swimming pool industry over the last ten years. This method of building walls is particularly suited to swimming pool construction because of the strength of the construction and particularly because of the thermal retention qualities of the polystyrene. 'Which?' magazine concluded that it is the best method of pool construction available.

How it works

We first of all carefully prepare the base of the pool to the exact dimensions required. It is then shuttered, the vertical reinforcing bars are fixed in place and the fibre reinforced ready mix concrete is poured and levelled. The two metre long poly blocks are then placed over the vertical rebar and the cavity is filled with concrete two courses at a time with horizontal reinforcing bars tied to the vertical bard on each course. The plumbing elements and lights, returns, skimmers etc are cut in as the process continues up to the top of the wall where the integral liner rail is built in. Additional rebar is tied to the pool walls and extends out from the pool to allow the structure to be tied into the concrete 'raft' that will form the base for the terracing. The pool is then backfilled with solid material.

The end result is a hugely strong self-standing structure either empty or full of water. At this stage the pool can be either fitted with a liner or tiled in the traditional manner. A vinyl pool liner is the most practical and foolproof method commonly used in France and is the method we recommend although some people still prefer the look and feel of tiles. The choice is yours.

Poly bloks now come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so you are not limited to the traditional rectangular pool with a roman end, you can configure your pool in any way you choose.
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