Do It Yourself Pool Kits

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We Do Not Compete on Cost, our benchmark is Quality.

If you have some building experience or are reasonably competent at DIY- there is no reason why you could not install your own pool and save several thousands of Euros in the process.

We can supply you with the complete kit that includes everything you will need to install the pool, right down to the last screw and roll of tape.

More importantly, you will have the benefit of our Installation Manual - written in English, along with a telephone back-up service. We can offer help and advice for all installations as we have completed many projects and have experience of difficult site conditions.

If you need help with some of the more tricky or unfamiliar aspects of the installation, we will be glad to provide our service for nominal labour costs. It is in our interest to help you succeed and we will do everything we can to help you achieve your dream pool.
  • Your DIY kit will include:
  • 2m x 25cm x 25cm rigid interlocking polystyrene blocks
  • Integral walk-in steps
  • Heavy duty 70/100 pool liner single colour with fungicidal felt
  • Built on hanging rail for liner
  • Skimmer(s), return nozzles (x2) and vacuum attachments
  • Flexi tube, cleaning kit and attachments, extendable pole
  • 50 metres flexible tubing 50mm + special 'colle piscine'
  • 6m rigid tubing + PVC rigid glue
  • T joints (x3), X joint (x1), 90 joint (x6) Valves (x3)
  • 2x 300 watt underwater projectors + poolside junction boxes
  • 2x surface-mounted junction boxes
  • Electrical box (Controller) with built in 2x300 watt transformer and additional robot/suppressor timer
  • Top spec sand filter + connections
  • 75cv pump + connections
  • Telephone assistance available 21.5 hours (2.5 hours unavailable for lunch and aperos)
  • Detailed English language installation manual

8m x 4m Pool
3m Roman Steps

€7,790 ttc

10m x 5m Pool
3m Roman Steps

€8,820 ttc

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Quote from Happy Customer:

Hi Brian,

WE DID IT……. in three months. We are delighted with our DIY self-build pool. Glad that you said the liner looks as though it doesn't fit at first, but it does! (Accurate measurements a must!) Thanks for the good service and telephone back up. We will be delighted to pass on any info to your future DIY clients.

Roger and Anita Faill, La Puye, 86