Pool Security in France

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Several years ago after a spate of small child drownings in France the law was altered specifically to protect small children.

Everyone should be aware of the law governing pool security in France. It is the law and despite many arguments against it, all in-ground pools in France must now have one of the four approved methods of security system in place. The fine for not complying with the law is

Above-ground or semi in-ground pools are not affected by the law and normally just rely on a security ladder or one that gets taken away when the pool is not in use.

The law was originally passed on Jan 1 2003. To comply with the law, the standards for pool security systems have been set by AFNOR (the body responsible for French safety standards) so that any method of security fitted must conform to the specifications set out in each category of security device.

There are four types of approved security system:

1. Security Barriers, AFNOR standard: NF P 90-306.
2. Pool Alarms, AFNOR standard: NF P 90-307.
3. Pool Covers, AFNOR standard: NF P 90-308.
4. Pool Abris, AFNOR standard: NF P 90-309.

Naturally, a pool alarm is only effective if there is someone there to hear it and may not be suitable for many applications despite the fact that it by far the cheapest option. At Vendee Pools we do not sell pool alarms but can offer you advice and practical help with the other three options. Please consult our other pages for details of the products we have individually selected as among the best on the market.