Permanent Pool Abris

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Abridesign is a family run French company specialising in the manufacture of permanent abris. Each abri is custom made to fit every pool, and the classic design and lightweight construction makes these products unobtrusive and stylish, allowing the users unrestricted access to the pool and decreasing the need for water heating and allowing comfortable all-year round swimming within the structure.

These abris are compliant with French security laws, keep your pool clean and extend your pool season massively. The sides and roof panels slide up easily so that you can also enjoy the unrestricted benefit of the sun without compromising on pool safety.

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Without the need for additional summer covers, security covers, winter debris covers, not to mention the cost of opening and closing your pool every year PLUS the huge saving that can be made on pool heating and chemical costs, these abris are not the luxury they might at first appear. And the stylish design means they can fit comfortably into most situations.