Manual Pool Covers

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Apart from alarms, the cheapest option to be completely compliant with current French regulations is the installation of a manually operated security cover. This type of cover consists of tough fabric stretched over a series of aluminium bars. It is pulled into position with a strap from the opposite end of the pool from where it is wound on and then locked down to pins in the deck with a ratcheting system. Depending on the size of the pool this can normally be done by one person.
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The cover is unwound using one or two winders and then stored in a roll at one end of the pool. Again, this action can often be done by one person but may take two if the pool is larger or the people are not too strong. Alternatively you can use a mechanical winder which does the job much more easily!

The advantages of these covers are that they offer compliant security and also double up as winter covers and can even be used as a night time cover to keep in SOME of the pool heat. In fact, most people also install a summer cover as well as one of these security covers and, in truth, most people use the summer cover only on a nightly basis and leave the security cover off as they are quite ungainly and not particularly easy to put on and take off.
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Obviously this is not really an option in a rental property, but if it is only you and your family using the property, or if you are living in France full time this may be an economical solution for you.

The pool covers we supply are manufactured in France by the leading quality pool manufacturer, Annonay Productions and prices start at
9 per square metre.

A more expensive, but more secure and easier to operate option is a manually operated 'volet' float-on cover. Operated with a manual crank, these covers are light and easy to use and offer an 'all-in' solution to your pool security as no other security is required. With a payload of 200kg these covers are completely compliant and also act as debris covers as well as offering good thermal retention.