About Our Company

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Vendée Pools was established and first registered in 2005 by Brian McHale. Originally from Ireland, Brian and his young family moved from the UK to France in 2004 and after renovating their first house in France and building a pool in the garden were quickly approached by other British people who were considering having pools installed at their homes and impressed by what they saw.

Having worked in the water treatment business in Ireland and with many years experience in the construction industry all over the world, Brian saw the business opportunity in supplying and building swimming pools for the expatriate community in France. He explored a number of different construction methods and made contact with many other pool professionals and quickly concluded that the 'Poly Blok' reinforced concrete pool system has many advantages over most other pool construction systems.

The choice was a good one and Vendee Pools continue to use this method of pool construction with over fifty successful installations behind us. We are registered as both 'Commercant' and as 'Artisan' to allow us to sell pool equipment and also build pools and indeed any other kind of building. We are fully insured under French law with 'Assurance Decenniale' and' Assurance Civile' with Axa France.

Our workforce has expanded and during busy season we have had three crews operating with nine employees. All our key workers are fully time served tradesmen with many years experience and are proud of out track record. We have a range of plant including several trucks and a digger and we are committed to ploughing money back into the company to always improve our efficiency and our level of service to our customers.

We are also very much aware of our after sales service and the lack of it amongst our competitors, especially French companies. We know how important it is to our clients to have on-going support even if it just a bit of advice down the telephone. We are also aware that our best advertisement and sales tool is our existing client base so we are always committed to helping and this is reflected in the number of satisfied clients that we are proud to be able to supply details of to other prospective customers.

We are always happy to come and meet you to discuss your requirements and give you a 'no-obligation' quotation. We will never pressurise you in any way or use any sales gimmicks or tricks to get your business. We do all the work ourselves and do NOT subcontract any of our work so you only ever have to deal with us and we are totally committed to giving you an end result that you will admire and enjoy for many years to come.